TestControl Software Package

Our modular software TestControl serves as the graphical user interface to the digital control System EU3000RTC.

TestControl allows you to configure the test rig, set up the loading sequence, monitors the progress of your test, handles the data acquisition and gives you the results of your tests.
TestControl itself will fulfill most tasks in your daily testing. Even replay of time histories, advanced peak control, criteria triggered test run control and comprehensive data acquisition are integrated.

TestControl can be extended by plug-in modules for further functions or special test procedures like damper or elastomer testing or service load simulation with iterative transfer function compensation.

Key benefits of TestControl:

  • user friendly and very easy to handle
  • free configuration of the test station enabling set up of a test in minutes
  • support of multistation operation, which allows to run several independent tests from one PC

Key features of Test Control:

  • runs on standard Microsoft Windows or Linux PCs without special hardware requirements (cross platform portable Java based implementation)
  • ready for HIL
  • ready for integration with safety SPS
  • ready for processing of external data input

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