Custom Solutions

In addition to standard, pre-engineered systems, INOVA focuses on custom-made testing systems tailored to your specific needs and applications.

With our wealth of experience, we will support you throughout the entire process of obtaining and commissioning your custom testing solution – for instance by helping you with a detailed testing parameter and special requirements specification.


We know that confidence and transparency are the key. That is why our offers and contract proposals are always fixed-price and contain detailed scope specification including binding parameters, lists of components to be delivered and high-level drawings of the testing solution as a whole.


INOVA appoints a project manager to look after your project and a support team of senior mechanical, electrical and software engineers. The project manager is your central point of contact, ensuring efficient communication as well as a successful and timely implementation of the project.

The project will be divided into three main stages:

  • Conceptual Design during which we prepare a complete specification of the testing system to be delivered. This stage ends with a design review where we agree on the function and parameters of the system, including the integration of the new system into your existing infrastructure or the FAT and SAT scope.
  • Implementation, including production design, manufacturing, factory assembly and factory testing. During this phase, we work together with you to clarify any outstanding details as we develop the testing system and build it in our labs. Finally, we invite you to visit us for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) according to the scope agreed during design review.
  • On-site Installation: Once the FAT is successfully completed, the system will be disassembled, shipped to your premises and installed by our mechanics. The project is considered completed after the system successfully passes all tests set out in the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedure.

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