Torsional and Multiaxial Loading Testing Machines

INOVA is a leading global producer of torque actuators with hydrostatic bearings. As an important part of torsional or multi-axial test rigs, INOVA AT Series actuators benefit from exceptional reliability and performance.


Key Benefits

  • Inova own Hydraulic rotary and linear cylinder
  • Hydrostatic coupling of linear and rotary movement
  • Inova Ball joints, Cardan joints and  Hydrostatic ball joints for precise loading with minimalized disturbance from the friction of it.
  • Control system EU3000 with wide range of Software module.
Accelerated Life Testing

Many rotary drive components, such as rods, cardan joints and couplings, are subject to torsional load. Torsional loading is also an important part of multi-axial tests, as many components are affected by a combined linear and torsional load.

Thanks to their advanced design our linear and torque actuators with hydrostatic bearings, ball and cardan joints and joints with hydrostatic bearings ensure outstanding performance and accurate specimen loading without errors caused by friction or backlash of the test rig.

Known for their engineering power, INOVA standard and special-purpose test rigs have enjoyed growing popularity with leading players in the automotive, rail, shipbuilding and wind power industries.

  • Torque testing without rotation
  • Torque testing by rotation, optionally with additional linear and torsional load
  • Multi-axial testing, up to 6 DOF
  • Testing at high or low temperatures

  • Rotations or static torque test rig
  • Rotary torque test rig with additional linear load along one or more axes
  • Test rigs for uni- or bi-axial torsional loading combined with uni- or biaxial linear loading
  • 6 DOF test rig, static or revolving along a single axis
  • Temperature chamber for testing at high or low temperatures

  • INOVA multichannel control electronics
  • Zero-backlash ball and cardan joints
  • Joints with hydrostatic bearings or hydrostatic support
  • Iterations software package
  • AT Series torque hydraulic actuators with hydrostatic bearings
  • Rotation torque hydraulic actuators
  • Linear hydraulic actuators with hydrostatic bearings
  • Cardan shafts
  • Converters for control of rotary and linear electric drives
  • Linear electric drives
  • Temperature chamber for low and high temperatures

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