Shock Absorber Test Rigs

As a supplier of advanced shock absorber test rigs, Inova has traditionally been a proud partner of leading global players in the industry, empowering them to carry out comprehensive endurance and performance test to further improve the quality and reliability of their products.


Key benefits

  • High nominal force and testing velocity
  • Inova Own Hydraulic od electric cylinder which are optimized for each application
  • Software Damper module with full evaluation.
Static and Dynamic TestingAccelerated Life Testing

Inova’s systems provide excellent insights into static and dynamic shock absorber characteristics while offering best-in-class flexibility, as the test specimens can be fixed not only vertically, but in any position required. Performance results can be easily compared with reference values or other test results in a run.

Intended primarily for the automotive and rail industries, Inova shock absorber test rigs are used in many applications where safety and reliability are critical. 

Aside from standard systems, Inova test rigs can be easily customized to your needs, including automated real-time assessment in production or integration with your existing production lines and database systems.

  • Measurement of static and dynamic characteristics, optionally with side load
  • Durability testing, optionally with side load
  • Evaluation of dynamic parameters over different iterations of a durability test run
  • Real-time in-production Testing and Sorting

  • Shock absorber test rig for the evaluation of static and dynamic characteristics, optionally with side load
  • Shock absorber durability test rig, optionally with capability to test several specimens at once
  • Custom position shock absorber test rig, featuring a loading frame permitting the test specimen to be mounted and fixed in any position
  • High-speed shock absorber test rig
  • Shock absorber test systems integrable into production lines

  • EU3000 RTC advanced high-speed digital control system
  • Proprietary software suite for dynamic parameter assessment
  • On-line iteration software
  • Loading frames for high speed testing and for testing under side load
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators for side load capability
  • Components for integration of test rigs into production lines
  • PLe level safety system
  • High-pressure oil flow accumulator station
  • Noise reduction covers, especially for high-speed test rigs
  • Seismic isolation for high speed test rigs
  • Temperature chambers
  • Test specimen cooling systems

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