Shake Tables

Designed in cooperation with leading European companies and intended primarily for automotive component and seismic tests, INOVA Shake Tables are comprehensive customer solutions with exceptional performance and value.


Key Benefits

  • Inova Hydraulic cylinder which are designed and optimized for each application
  • Ball joint Inova adjustable backlash free, with polyamide coating
  • Inova control system with control loop 50KHz
  • Software Real time iteration, Vibration module, seismic module 
Vibration Tests

Thanks to the advanced design of all major components – the base block, seismic suspension, hydraulic power pack and temperature chamber – INOVA shake tables boast low ambient vibrations, high energy efficiency and easy operation and maintenance.

Multi-axial INOVA shake tables feature state-of-the-art, in-house designed and manufactured components with hydrostatic bearings, including actuators, ball joints and linear bearings. This cutting-edge technology provides precise control and a very long service life without periodical adjustments or greasing.

To ensure the best results the systems use our EU 3000 high speed multi-channel electronics providing advanced control functions, including transformation of coordinate systems between actuators and controlled directions of movement.

Based on your intended application, INOVA Shake Tables are available as pre-engineered systems or tailor-made solutions customised according to your needs and delivered with the required temperature chambers.  

  • Universal uni-axial or multi-axial shake tables
  • Special custom-made shake tables
  • Loading by time signals, frequency spectra (PSD) or seismic spectra (RRS)
  • Temperature chamber integration

  • Uni-axial vertical or horizontal shake table (1 DOF)
  • 6 DOF orthogonal shaker with universal table
  • 6 DOF hexapod with lower acceleration moving actuators
  • 6 DOF hexapod with higher acceleration fixed actuators
  • Orthogonal 2 to 6 DOF tailor-made shakers
  • Temperature chamber shakers

  • INOVA 10kHz control electronics
  • INOVA modal control for transformation of coordinate systems
  • Offline and online iterations software packages
  • Hydraulic actuators with high side load and lateral acceleration resistance
  • Linear guide with hydrostatic bearings
  • Maintenance free ball joints with hydrostatic bearings
  • Carbon rods
  • Temperature chambers

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  Monika Vohralíková

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