Railway Bogie and Wheelset Test Rigs

Developed in cooperation with leading World rolling stock manufacturers, INOVA’s state-of-the-art systems are an efficient solution for bogie and wheelset testing under real life conditions.


Key Benefits:

  • Inova Hydraulic cylinder which are designed and optimized for each application
  • Ball joint Inova adjustable backlash free, with polyamide coating
  • Inova control system with multiaxial loading scenarios
  • Wide range of Software module ITRM, Real time iteration, Vibration module, seismic module 
Accelerated Life Testing

INOVA wheel and wheelset test rigs can simulate advanced test scenarios, subjecting the specimen to torque load and radial and axial forces. Different implementations are possible – either rotating specimen assembly or static specimen assembly with rotating loading force vector. INOVA solutions accurately reproduce real-life factors, such as dynamic torsional loads acting on the specimen caused by the train’s inertial mass during acceleration and braking.

Bogie test rigs feature a universal adjustable loading frame capable of using a large number of vertical and horizontal loading actuators. INOVA multi-channel control electronics ensures highly accurate loading in all controlled directions.

Automatic hydraulic Power pack control provides energy efficient operation for power-intensive systems.

  • Dynamic loading of wheels with axial and radial forces
  • Loading of wheels with rotating force vector
  • Sophisticated rotating wheel tests using torsional, radial and axial loads
  • Brake tests
  • Multi-axial bogie durability tests

  • Single-axis test rig for radial wheel loading
  • Biaxial test rig for radial and axial wheel loading
  • Test rig with rotating loading vector generated by unbalanced mass
  • Rotating test rig with drive and brake motors, balance-wheel for short-time high-torque braking and linear drives for axial and radial loads
  • Brake test rig
  • Modular test rig with adjustable portal frame, actuators and joints for bogie testing

  • INOVA multichannel control unit
  • Zero-backlash ball and cardan joints
  • Off-line and on-line iterations software packages
  • Hydraulic actuators hydrostatic bearings for high resistance against side loads
  • Linear guides with hydrostatic bearings
  • Maintenance-free ball joints with hydrostatic bearings
  • EtherCAT connection with Frequency converter for fast control loop connection.
  • Balance wheel and other parts of rotating loading chain
  • Power pack with quick start feature for optimized oil consumption

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