Elastomer Test Rigs

Based on more than 40 years of engineering expertise and long-term partnerships with top European carmakers, INOVA Elastomer Testing Systems are your industry-leading solution for virtually any elastomer test application.


Key benefits

  • Inova Hydraulic cylinder which are designed and optimized for hight frequency ad side load.
  • Inova control system with control loop 50KHz
  • Software module Elastomer, with wide range of tests definition, and direct evaluation
Static and Dynamic TestingAccelerated Life Testing

INOVA Elastomer Testing Systems employ cutting-edge processes and technology, such as FEM optimization and modal analysis. In addition, our solutions feature advanced components meticulously designed in INOVA labs to ensure excellent specimen loading accuracy and result assessment capabilities.

For even greater flexibility INOVA Elastomer Testing Systems can be easily tailored to your specific needs or integrated with your existing production lines and database systems.

  • Measurement of dynamic characteristics of elastomer specimens – INOVA ELAST software package
  • Durability testing of elastomer specimens – INOVA TestControl core software package for cyclic loading and ITRM software package for iteration of time signals
  • Measurement of changes in specimen dynamic characteristics during long time durability testing – INOVA RealTimeMonitor and ElastMonitor software packages

  • Hydraulic single-axis linear or torsional Elastomer Testing Systems for static and dynamic characteristics measurement and frequencies up to 1,000 Hz
  • Electrodynamic single-axis linear Elastomer Testing Systems for dynamic characteristics measurement and frequencies up to 3,000 Hz
  • Bi-axial Elastomer Testing Systems for static and dynamic characteristics measurement and frequencies up to 800 Hz
  • Multi-axis (up to 6 DOF) Elastomer Testing Systems for durability testing as well as dynamic characteristics measurement and frequencies over 100 Hz.

  • High speed (100 kHz/50 kHz) control unit
  • High stiffness loading frames
  • Actuators and bi-axial tables with hydrostatic bearings
  • Adjustable zero-backlash ball joints and spring joints
  • Precise measurement system with verified dynamic correction of all measured values
  • Three software packages for basic operations, iterative testing and special elastomer applications
  • Temperature chambers

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  Monika Vohralíková

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