Safety Systems

Following the ‘safety first’ principle, INOVA test rigs comply with safety requirements for laboratory usage and in-production testing. The safety class of a system is always selected with respect to its intended application, ranging up to the PLe rating according EN ISO 13849 and SIL according EN 62061


Key Benefits

  • Inova developed Hydraulic components which are designed onyl for Testing brand
  • Comprehensive portfolieo of componets to reach different safety category
  • Concept of manifolds block allow easy  modification of existing test rig to state of art level of safety.
Test System Components

Test rigs for laboratory use are typically equipped with a PLc rated safety system. This is upgraded to PLd for systems requiring frequent operator interaction. Systems used in production environments usually come with a PLe rating.

Safety systems are implemented either by PILZ safety relays or a safety SPS. The second option is used for sophisticated systems with numerous input signals and advanced assessment algorithms. Safety systems comprise various mechanical, hydraulic and electric safety features, including a safety fence, safety manifold, e-stop button, emergency lock and others.

As an important part of every test rig, INOVA safety systems are carefully designed by engineers based on a comprehensive risk analysis accounting for all safety relevant factors, including the intended use. The risk analysis and declaration of conformity are provided with all INOVA test rigs.

  • Single test rig PLc, PLd or PLe rated safety systems implemented via INOVA control electronics
  • Multiple test rig safety systems implemented via INOVA control electronics with independent safety circuits for each test rig
  • Independent safety systems – not part of INOVA control electronics
  • Safety systems connected with power pack station safety circuits

  • Risk analysis and comprehensive safety system design
  • PILZ or safety SPS safety control unit
  • Safety manifolds for PLc, PLd and PLe safety ratings
  • Safety fence
  • Safety design of loading frames, actuators and other movable parts

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