Loading Frames

INOVA loading frames are a reliable, industry-leading solution for your single-axis and advanced multi-axis loading scenarios.


Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of sizes with easy way to customize
  • Inova Components optimized for individual application
  • Hydraulic or electric drive
  • Wider range of accessories
  • Temperature and humidity simulation
Test System Components

INOVA loading frames are designed to provide exceptional results in any application, including high-frequency and high-speed testing. INOVA offers a wide portfolio of loading frames to cover your needs:

  • Standard loading frames with vertical loading axis, featuring two or four columns and a hydraulic actuator mounted either in the table or crosshead. An enhanced version with a crosshead mounted tension-torsion loading unit is available as an option. The use of hydrostatic bearings in all loading unit components – i.e. the linear actuator, torsional actuator and coupling between both actuators – ensures outstanding precision, performance and durability.
  • High-speed loading frames for high speed and high frequency applications, including multi-axis loading scenarios.
  • Custom special-purpose loading frames for single-axe or multi-axis load tests.


Because to their advanced mechanical and hydraulic design, INOVA Loading Frames can be integrated into high-safety test rigs with a safety rating up to PLe.

  • Single-axis or Tension-Torsion loading
  • Multi-axis loading
  • High-speed loading
  • High-frequency loading

  • Two or four column loading frame with actuator in the table or in the crosshead
  • Movement of the crosshead manually or automatic with test sequnece
  • Tiltable loading frames capable of simulating real-life strain direction
  • Mechanically of hydraulically fixed crosshead
  • High-frequency single- or multi-axis suspended low-damping loading frames
  • High-speed loading frames with additional mass and low frequency suspension
  • Hydraulic manifolds for high-safety applications
  • Actuators, fixtures, grips, temperature chambers and other accessories

  • Standard or purpose-built loading frames
  • Linear and torsional loading hydrostatic actuators
  • Hydraulic, mechanical and electronic safety components for high-safety applications, including loading frame adjustments and specimen fixing
  • Hydraulic and mechanical grips and fixtures for LCF, HCF, Crack opening, 3/4pint bending
  • Seismic isolation of the loading frame
  • Temperature chambers for low and high temperature tests
  • Safety covering or fence
  • Safety manifolds PLc, PLd, or PLe

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