Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Inova hydraulic linear actuators are a result of more than 40 years of research and engineering expertise. Known for their excellent properties during static and dynamic load tests, they are popular with customers around the world for use in demanding applications. Inova linear actuators come with a double-sided piston rod for flexible installation and specially treated bearings which further improve their outstanding life and reliability.
Main features
  • Double-sided piston rod for increased installation flexibility
  • Excellent side load capacity 
  • Rugged design and very low friction ensuring long life 
  • Short-time overload protection
  • Highly customizable to meet special requirements
Test System Components
Inova hydraulic linear actuators are a dependable and highly competitive solution for static and dynamic tests. Equipped with advanced position sensors (LVDT or magnetostrictive transducers) they boast top-class performance and accuracy. Polyamide-coated hydrostatic bearings and pistons ensure high side load capacity, minimum friction and excellent protection from short-time overloads.  
Inova linear actuators can be connected at upper or foot flanges to ensure unsurpassed installation flexibility. Inova offers a wide range of standard models in several product lines as well as custom-made pieces, engineered to meet additional challenges in special applications, including high-frequency or non-magnetic versions, reinforced piston actuators and many others.
Standard Product Lines
  • AH Line – hydrostatic bearing linear actuators 
  • AS Line – hydrostatic bearing linear actuators with the same connection interface dimensions as Schenck actuators
  • AG Line – plain bearing linear actuators 
Detailed parameters are available in the relevant Product Sheets. 

In addition to the standard portfolio Inova offers a wide range of purpose-built actuators to satisfy your special needs, including the following variants:
  • High-speed actuators
  • High-frequency actuators
  • Non-standard power 
  • Non-standard stroke
  • Non-standard nominal or calculating pressure
  • Reinforced piston rod for higher side load capacity
  • Non-standard connecting face
  • High-flow SCA plates
  • Increased damping length
  • Special position transducer
  • Internal end stops
  • Use with AT actuator in a TT unit
  • Lightweight piston rod
  • Reinforced foot flange
  • Non-magnetic version
  • Hydrostatic bearings on piston

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