LEM Actuators

In a growing number of applications, linear electromechanical (LEM) actuators have become an excellent alternative to the more traditional hydraulic actuators. With outstanding performance and no need to use hydraulic oil, LEM actuators are an important step towards a “green” testing lab.

Key benefits

  • Environmentally friendly testing
  • Easy to optimise for individual applications
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings for a long life
  • Symmetrical double-magnetic field to minimize the load on the bearings
Test System Components

Inova LEM actuators are electric linear BLDC motors with rare-earth magnets. The main linear motor coil and magnet are inbuilt to the housing with linear guidance. Designed for balanced forces, the basic version features heavy-duty roller bearings ensuring an extended life. Inova LEM actuators come in two variants: with air cooling or water-cooled.

Our LEM actuators are designed for mounting directly on a T-nut plate or an angular adapter with corresponding force capacity. The end stops are reinforced to ensure a safe operation of the magnet with the connection rod. Inova LEM actuators use advanced Heidenhein optical position sensors with a fine resolution of 0.1 µm for excellent results even with high noise or under vibrations. Thanks to exceptional frequency converter reaction times the magnetic field starts to accelerate the piston almost immediately – which is extremely beneficial in time-critical applications.

  • Hydrostatic bearings instead of roller bearings
  • Custom stroke
  • Low-power versions for low-speed applications
  • Increased side load
  • Hi-acceleration version with reduced moving mass

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