Inova designs and produces a range of premium quality joints suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their exceptional performance and reliability, they have been very popular with customers worldwide and are produced in large quantities. Our standard portfolio includes the JB line of symmetrical ball joints, JBS compact ball joints, and cardan joints marketed under the JC designation. All of them are available also in fully hydrostatic or semi-hydrostatic versions.

Key benefits

  • Zero-backlash operation with excellent adjustability
  • Wide range of application
  • Customizable connection pattern
Test System Components

JB Ball Joints

Used in conjunction with our AH or AG servo hydraulic actuators, Inova JB ball joints are the ideal connection elements for dynamic testing. Thanks to their zero-backlash design, excellent adjustability, and advanced polyamide coating they provide unsurpassed reliability and long life in any testing application. 

Designed for easy turning of the test specimen, JB ball joints allow a rotation of ±20° along each axis. They are available for loads ranging from 5 to 2,000 kN. In addition to our standard portfolio, Inova offers custom versions adapted to your special needs and demands.


Special Versions

The JB line are universal ball joints intended for standard applications. However, several special versions are available for more demanding usage scenarios.

The JBFR Series is intended for heavy-duty applications combining heavy loads with torsion and acceleration. Here, the ball and pin are manufactured from a single piece to ensure a higher load capacity. However, the tilt angle is smaller compared with standard JB joints.

Other special versions available include semi hydrostatic and hydrostatic joints, joints for use in harsh environments (such as salt water), and many others.


JBS Compact Ball Joints

The JBS product family are ball joints intended to connect parts of a force chain where bending compensation is required or the movement of two parts is not straight. With a nominal angle range of ±8 or ±30 degrees, JBS joints allow zero-backlash operation with very low friction, a long service life and adjustable preload options. Inova JBS ball joints are available for nominal loads ranging from 25 kN up to 1,000 kN.


JC Cardan Joints

Inova JC cardan joints are used in non-axial loading chains. They are usually mounted in a couple – the first joint on the lower hydraulic actuator flange, and the second on the piston rod. With a bending capacity of up to 8 degrees in all directions, Inova JC cardan joints are play-free and have an extended life. JC cardan joints are available for nominal loads of 25 to 1,000 kN.


Special Versions

For demanding applications requiring high frequencies or small movements, all JC cardan joints are also available with hydrostatic bearings instead of needle bearings. 


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