Hydraulic Torque Actuators

A result of long-term optimization and development, Inova hydraulic torque actuators are the latest step in the evolution chain. Thanks to their excellent performance and reliability in static and dynamic load testing they are popular with customers worldwide in many demanding applications across different industries. Inova torque actuators come in a broad range of versions to ensure the ideal results in all scenarios of use. To ensure a long life and minimum maintenance cost, Inova actuators employ high-quality hydrostatic axial and radial bearings.

Key benefits

  • Hydrostatic axial and radial bearings for outstanding performance
  • Very precise regulation
  • High dynamics thanks to low rotor shaft inertia
  • Low maintenance requirements
Test System Components

Inova offers two standard torque actuator lines: the AT Series are double-vane systems featuring a symmetrical rotor with a nominal stroke of ±50 degrees, whereas the ATT Series are single-vane with a nominal stroke of ±135 degrees. With a nominal range of 0.2 kN up to 80 kN, AT/ATT Series torque torsion actuators are widely used for quasistatic and dynamic durability applications.

Inova AT drives boast excellent dynamic parameters due to the use of a double-vane rotor and symmetrical active area, with their usable frequency ranging from static tests up to highly dynamic tests up to 500 Hz.

Inova torsion actuators feature polyamide coated hydrostatic axial and radial bearings and an advanced design to ensure high capacity, low friction, and a long service life. Our actuators are available with various angular transducers.

  • Custom nominal moment
  • Custom nominal angle (10° to 270°)
  • Custom nominal or calculating pressure
  • Reinforced rotor/axial/radial force
  • Custom connecting face and output
  • High-flow SCA plate / high-speed compatibility
  • Increased damping length
  • Custom angular transducer
  • High-frequency version
  • Spinning ATR/ATTR version for closed loop applications with hydraulic rotation feeding
  • Non-magnetic version

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