Hydraulic Safety Manifold Blocks

Produced in different safety performance levels (PL) according to the intended use, Inova hydraulic manifold blocks are your way to a hazard-free testing lab. Our portfolio includes models suited for a wide range of scenarios and applications with different performance level requirements, from durability lab equipment to measuring test rigs to in-production testing solutions. All standard tests are monitored by a PILZ or Siemens safety PLC using a proved safety software.

Key benefits

  • Modular design for easy connection in a line
  • Wide nominal flow range
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safety level variability
  • Easy adaptability to older systems to improve their safety and performance level
Test System Components

Inova hydraulic safety manifold blocks are designed for maximum safety and convenience of use. They come with a leakage-free closing of pressure and return lines between the actuator and power pack with a nominal flow of 65/130/250/630 or 1,250 l/min. Other features include:

  • Slow pressure build-up phase to carefully fill the hydropneumatic accumulators    
  • Adjustable pressure dump speed in the turn-off phase (PLc)
  • Low-pressure mode with limited oil flow to the actuator (PLc)
  • Low-speed mode to ensure safe handling of the piston rod under pressure (flow limiter) (PLc/PLd)
  • Slow and bumpless transient from low to high pressure (PLc)
  • PLe version with double cartridges with feedback signals for safety SPS (SIV)
  • Capability to connect several units together via S stands in sizes 250/500/1250

Manifolds can be delivered in the following versions:

  • PB – manifold block for S stands (PLc)
  • PBS – self-standing manifold block (PLc)
  • SPB – manifold block for S stands with feedback signal (PLd)
  • SPBS – self-standing manifold block with feedback signal (PLd)
  • SIV – manifold block as a self-standing unit or connected to servo connection plate (PLe)
  • S – holder for manifold block PB or SPB
  • Sets of accumulators for stands

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