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INOVA - Your partner for the implementation of optimal testing methods

   INOVA specializes on the development and production of customized testing machines. INOVA system designers have many years of experience with dynamic and static testing of many types of specimen and are ready to solve your special demands by developing and delivery of optimized testing machines.

   INOVA delivers its products mainly to the countries of the European union and also to overseas countries. INOVA guarantees that its products correspond to appropriate standards.

   The sale of INOVA products in Germany and other European countries is assured by INOVA GmbH - Rüdesheim, the daughter company of INOVA Prague.

   INOVA testing machines are easy to operate, extendable, highly reliable and have a long service life.

   Only first class components of well known European and overseas producers are used in INOVA testing machines. INOVA itself produces the most important parts of its testing machines.

   INOVA guarantees free-of-charge upgrades for software developed by INOVA.

   The software and corresponding manuals, and output protocols can be delivered in Czech, English or German languages.

   INOVA assures training of operators and quality maintenance services for delivered testing machines.

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